YJS Torah Project

Our new Torah, a gift to the future generations of Yeshiva at the Jersey Shore students, has been and will continue to be used by our daily student minyan, and bring a higher level of sanctity to our school. In preparation for receiving our Torah, YJS students in all grades were involved in a wide range of educational and art projects focused on the writing of a Torah scroll, the centrality of learning Torah, and the excitement of welcoming a Torah into our school.torah1

The Torah Journey

Our Torah was brought over from Poland by Theodore Zwisohn when he came to America in the early 1900s as a 13 year old boy. Eventually, the Torah made its way to Temple Beth Torah in Ocean Township where it found a home for more than 60 years. In 2010, Temple Beth Torah merged with Temple Beth El to become Congregation Torat El and found themselves blessed with a multitude of Torot. Wanting to be sure that this Torah would continue to live and serve a purpose, the congregation and the Zwisohn family selected the students of Yeshiva at the Jersey Shore to be the new guardians of this special Torah.

A Mitzvah of a Lifetime

A donation to our Sefer Torah campaign is an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to the future of the Jewish communities of Monmouth and Middlesex counties. This milestone project will allow Yeshiva at the Jersey Shore to continue to build and strengthen our growing bastion of Torah learning.

A Celebration for All

Our Hachnasat Sefer Torah was held on Lag B’Omer, Sunday, April 28th, 2013, as the entire community joined together to welcome the Torah into its new home.

Dedication Opportunities

Sefer / Chumash (5 available) –  $10,000.   Select options.
Weekly Parsha (54 available) – $613.  Select options.  
Perek – $360

Passuk – $72
Word – $36

Special Parshiot

Aseret Hadibrot/10 commandments (2 available) – $2500

Preferred :
  Az Yashir / Song of the Sea – $2500   Vayechulu / Shabbat – $2500
  3 Paragraphs of Shema (each) – $1800
Preferred Paragraph :
  Birkat Yaakov – $1800   6 Days of Creation (each) – $2500
Preferred Day :
  13 Middot / 13 Attributes – $1200
  Birkat Kohanim / Priestly blessing – $1200
  Vayehi Binsoa – $1200
  Mah Tovu – $1200