Yeshiva at the Jersey Shore provides an education dedicated to excellence in both Torah and secular studies in a supportive and nurturing environment that maximizes each student’s potential and fosters an enthusiasm for lifelong learning, a commitment to the religious practices and traditions of our heritage, a fluency in its texts and language, a devotion to the State of Israel, and an ability to be exemplary citizens with a love and respect for family, community, all people and Hashem.  Yeshiva at the Jersey Shore teaches according to the Ashkenazi tradition. Jewish students from all backgrounds are welcome.


Teachers at Yeshiva at the Jersey Shore demonstrate expertise in pedagogic processes grounded in a progressive philosophy of education based on knowledge of current research on instruction, as well as expertise in specific content areas. Our educational staff is dedicated to nurturing each student’s intellectual, moral, and emotional growth, while maintaining rigorous standards of academic performance.


Students at Yeshiva at the Jersey Shore are proud Jews actively acquiring the knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary for full participation in the Jewish and general communities in which they live.


Families of Yeshiva at the Jersey Shore work in partnership with the school to ensure the congruency of mission and goals.